Uno Platform offers WebAssembly support

Multi-platform UI Toolkit for.NET allows WebAssembly threads to be created and exceptions to be made before official .NET 7 support.

The Uno platform is now available. This open-source toolkit allows developers to build cross-platform web, mobile and desktop applications using C# and XAML. Developers can get better performance by tweaking the WebAssembly binary instruction format.

Uno Platform 4.4 was launched June 28. Developers of Uno Platform 4.4 announced that they activated WebAssembly features before official support in Microsoft’s .NET 7 platform. This allows experimentation and production. WebAssembly exceptions are the most significant improvements, as is threading support.

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Allowing exceptions to WebAssembly in applications allows code stay completely in WebAssembly for exception management, thereby increasing performance. The generated code is also smaller. Uno.UI and Uno Bootstraper now support WebAssembly threading. This allows for the creation of threads and tasks, and then use CoreDispatcher or Dispatcher to return back to the main thread. Web apps can be used to perform complex tasks and prevent freezing of the UI.

WebAssembly allows Uno apps to run natively on Windows, iOS and Android. You can find instructions for how to get started with Uno Platform on the Uno Platform webpage. Uno Platform 4.4 also includes:

  • Fluid animation for.NET, Android and iOS. Skia is a 2D graphics library.
  • Improved default project templates.
  • All platforms have small performance improvements, and Android drawables have been modified.
  • New input scenarios via GamePad API.