Survey says Rust is the most used WebAssembly Language

According to the State of WebAssembly 2022 Survey of Wasm Developers, Rust is on top with Blazor as well as Python on the rise.

According to a survey, Rust programming is the most popular language for creating WebAssembly apps. WebAssembly continues to grow in popularity.

These and other findings were included in The state of WebAssembly2022, a report by Scott Logic based on a survey of 299 developers. Rust was the most popular language for WebAssembly developers, with 45% of respondents saying that they use Rust often or occasionally. Rust was also the winner of last year’s survey.

This report highlighted the close relationship between Rust, WebAssembly or Wasm. Most Wasm runtimes were written in Rust. JavaScript came in second place behind Rust, with JavaScript developers being able to compile JavaScript engines to Wasm, if not JavaScript. Blazor, Python and AssemblyScript were the top climbers in this survey. However, AssemblyScript was the most used.

Overall, 67% of respondents reported that they used WebAssembly frequently, up from 47% in the previous year. Other findings:

  • Web development is the most popular application of Wasm. Nearly 70% of respondents use Wasm to develop web apps. Next, containerization (25%), serverless (35%), plug-in environment (23%), IoT (10%) are close behind. These percentages are estimates.
  • The most popular WebAssembly runtimes were Wasmtime and Wasmer.
  • Wasm will be able to offer the following capabilities: non-browser APIs; better debugging support; and improved build tools.
  • Respondents are most interested in the WASI (WebAssembly Systems Interface) proposals. These include I/O sockets, native threads and HTTP.

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