JavaFX 19 rich client Java platform is now available

This update adds H.265 video support for HTTP Live Streaming and CSS focus indicators. It also fixes touch-screen bugs and modal behavior.

JavaFX 19 is the latest version of Java-based rich client platform JavaFX. It includes enhancements for video, and CSS capabilities. This update also fixes touch-screen bugs.

The open-source platform, known as “One Framework to Rule Them all”, can be accessed via Maven Central and JavaFX 19 supports HTTP Live Streaming and H.265/HVEC codec support.

JavaFX 19 features faster creation of observable arraylists in FXCollections and allows users to modify a list of printers without having to restart the program. The release also includes support for creating derived bindings using ObservableValue via a new API within the ObservableValue interface.

JavaFX 19:

  • To support visual focus indication and nesting visuals, CSS pseudo-classes:focus-visible (CSS pseudo-class :focus_within) have been added.
  • Stage has received modal behavior fixes on the Linux platform.
  • Touch screen bugs have been fixed, including disappearing scroll bars on touch-enabled devices as well as a Scroll Pane edge bounce for Raspberry Pi.
  • Upgrades to dependencies have been made, such as SQLite version 3.37.2 and Glib version 2.72.0.
  • Security has been enhanced with WebKit referencing and longer buffering.

After being in the Java Development Kit (JDK), JavaFX was made a stand-alone technology in 2018. JavaFX was introduced by Sun Microsystems May 2007 . It is a platform that allows for Java-based embedded, desktop and mobile systems. Software and libraries are available to support the entire lifecycle of an app.